Arbmate Review: The Best Budget/ Beginner Arbitrage Betting Software (ideal for in-play Arbing)

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


It is expensive to run an arbitrage betting software. You require powerful servers that can scan and process odds from bookmaker sites every few milliseconds.

As a result, most arbitrage betting software subscriptions cost hundreds of dollars.

BreakingBet and ArbMate are two budget-friendly arbitrage betting software out to change the status quo. Instead of hundreds of dollars, the two arbitrage betting apps will cost you tens of dollars. 

Arbmate’s Unique Selling point

  • ArbMate is best for live/ in-play arbitrage betting if you are a beginner arbitrage bettor, a budget-conscious arber, or a part-time arbitrage bettor.
  • ArbMate has a low price, a betting navigator, and fast scanning. Arbmate maintains its low price by restricting your access to bookmakers. By default, you have access to three bookmakers (Pinnacle, Bwin, Bet365). You pay to access more bookmakers.

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ArbMate Statistics in a Snapshot



Arbmate pricing is simple. The only available subscription is a combination of prematch and live arbitrage betting (Prematch + live/ in-play).

ArbMate Pricing

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BreakingBet vs Arbmate: Which is the Cheapest

Arbmate subscription is only available in pre-match + in-play configuration.

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  • BreakingBet is cheaper by 1€ (Euro). You also have to pay extra for additional bookmakers in Arbmate.
  • Arbmate is therefore slightly expensive.

Arbmate and BreakingBet have different unique selling points and features.
The difference in features makes BreakingBet ideal for beginner Prematch Arbitrage Betting and Arbmate ideal for amateur in-play arbitrage betting.

ArbMate Features (Pros)

Arbmate_Best_In-Play Arbitrage Betting Software

Pre-match Arbing.

Arbmate is owned and operated by Oddstorm.

OddStorm is the fastest arbitrage betting software out there. As such, Pre-match arbs on Arbmate are updated super-fast.

There is however no significant difference between the number of pre-match arbs in Arbmate and BreakingBet.

  • BreakingBet is cheaper. If you are looking for an arbitrage betting software just for prematch arbitrage betting; BreakingBet is the obvious winner.

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Live Arbitrage Betting

For the live arbitrage betting feature to be usable; the scanning needs to be fast and you need a navigation feature.

It is the only way you will be able to place in-play arbitrage bets before they disappear.

Arbmate’s live arbitrage betting feature is usable.

  • The scanning is fast (1-3 seconds).
  • Arbmate has a betting navigator that is easy to use. Click Place Bet and the navigator directs you to the betting page and even loads the bet slip for you.
  • Arbmate’s Live arbitrage betting feature is stable unlike BreakingBet’s.


If you are just starting or you have a small bankroll and you want to get started with in-play arbitrage betting Arbmate is your best option.

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Betting Navigator

I will not use an arbitrage betting software without a navigator!

The navigator makes placing bets easy. The navigator does everything for you. All you have to do is cross-check the odds and click the bet button.

  • Arbmate has an excellent Betting Navigator. The betting navigator in this case is a google chrome extension.

Features of the Arbmate Navigator:

  • It is designed to ensure betting companies do not track your betting activity. This ensures you can arb for longer before your account is limited.
  • For a large majority of bookies, the navigator loads your bet to the betting slip. All you have to do is type the bet amount and place the bet. This feature leads to fewer betting errors.
  • The navigator loads your arbitrage bet relatively fast. The chances of missing out on a live arbitrage arb due to moving odds are drastically reduced.

Integrated Betting Calculator

It does exactly what you expect it to do and more.

  • It is accurate.
  • It allows you to round off stakes.
  • It allows you to include commissions for betting exchanges.
  • Change the betting amount for one leg of the arbitrage bet and it recalculates the amount for the other legs automatically.

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Advanced Arbitrage Betting Types

The presence of advanced arbitrage betting types makes Arbmate a good place for aspiring professional arbitrage bettors.

  • The advanced arbitrage betting types include middles and Polish middles.

They are advanced since they are not completely risk-free. In exchange for a small risk, you could potentially make upwards of 50% profit.

Perfect User Interface Design

A good user interface makes it hard to make errors when placing arbitrage bets. It also makes it easy to find related arbs to correct errors made when placing arbs.

  • Related arbitrage bets are categorized in Arbmate.


BreakingBet should learn from the Arbmate user interface.

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ArbMate Missing features (Cons)

ArbMate 3 default Bookmakers_Pay for the rest

Betting Accounting System

A system to record your bets and track the amount of money in different bookmakers is important.

It will allow you to manage your finances better and learn from your arbitrage betting mistakes.

  • It is a real shame that Arbmate does not have a betting Accounting System.

Don’t worry though, you can use excel to record your bets. In fact, Rebelbetting have a free excel log sheet that is a perfect substitute for a betting accounting system.

Value Bets

Arbmate has no value betting feature.

More on what value betting is all about in our Ultimate Value Betting Guide.

  • If you are just interested in Arbitrage betting the absence of value betting should not bother you at all.

Account Freezing

Every once in a while, you will find yourself in a situation that makes it impossible for you to do arbitrage betting for a while.

During such times, account freezing will allow you to pause your subscription and hence avoid wasting your money.

  • Arbmate has a very limited account freezing feature.

You can only freeze your subscription once if you have a yearly subscription.

With a monthly or weekly subscription, you cannot freeze your account.

Number of Bookmakers

  • The total number of bookmakers supported by Arbmate is more than enough.
  • The problem is that when you pay an Arbmate subscription you only get access to 3 default bookmakers (Pinnacle, Bet365, Bwin).

The three default bookmakers are inadequate.

To get sufficient arbitrage bets I often find myself needing two extra bookmakers. In my case WilliamHill and Unibet. That requires an extra 8€/ month.

The total cost of the subscription goes to 27€.


I understand Arbmate needs to keep the cost low and restricting the number of bookmakers is their way of doing it. I however wish the default list of bookmakers was five instead of three.

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ArbMate’s Pros and cons Summary


  • Low Pricing (Second cheapest after BreakingBet)
  • Owned and Operated by a reputable and experienced arbitrage betting company (OddStorm)
  • Decent Pre-match arbing feature
  • Usable live arbitrage feature (fast)
  • Functional arbitrage betting calculator
  • Reliable Betting Navigator.
  • Well thought out User Interface.
  • Advanced arbitrage bets (middles and polish middles) present


  • No Betting Accounting System.
  • Value Bet Feature Absent.
  • Limited Account Freezing Capabilities.
  • Limited default bookmakers. You will have to pay for at least two additional bookmakers.

BreakingBet vs Arbmate Comparison: Which is the Better Budget Arbitrage Betting Software

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BreakingBet Verdict

Biggest Complain: I wish the default number of bookies was 5 instead of three. With just three bookies the number of arbitrage bets are too few.

Overall: Arbmate’s cost-cutting approach of reducing the number of bookmakers you have access to makes perfect sense.

If you are starting with a small amount of capital you don’t need 50+ bookmakers. Five good bookmakers will be more than enough.

  • At Overall: 19€/ month Arbmate is best for beginners/ budget arbitrage bettors who want to try live/in-play arbitrage betting.

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You are a beginner/ budget arbitrage bettor and you want to do both pre-match and live arbitrage betting. Which should you pick, BreakingBet/ Arbmate?


  • Arbmate. will cost you more by 9€ (after you purchase 2 additional bookmakers.). The extra cost is worth it considering you get a betting Navigator and a usable live arbitrage betting software.
  • Using BreakingBet for live arbitrage betting is close to impossible.

Arbmate: Best overall Arbitrage Betting software for Beginner/ Budget arbers.

Arbmate: Especially ideal for beginners/cost-conscious arbitrage bettors who want to try live/in-play arbitrage betting.

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