BetSlayer Review: The Best Semi-Professional Arbitrage Betting Software

Last Updated: July 9, 2023


BetSlayer together with BetOnValue belong to the semi-pro/ midrange category of arbitrage betting software.

The quality of service is decent enough to be considered better than budget arbitrage betting software.

The feature set is however not as good as in professional arbitrage betting software.

When should you consider semi-pro arbitrage betting software?

If you have been using a budget arbitrage betting software and you now want to try something new.

If either of the two-arbitrage betting software has a specific bookmaker that you want.

BetSlayer Unique Selling Point

  • BetSlayer is a quality arbitrage betting software. It has all the important features, and the price is right.

If you are considering upgrading from a budget arbitrage betting software to the midrange level, upgrading to BetSlayer is worth it.

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BetSlayer Statistics in a Snapshot


BetSlayer_Best Semi Pro arbitrage Betting Software

BetSlayer Pricing

Betslayer has a (No credit card required) 7-day free trial. The arbitrage bets are however limited to only 5% profit. – Awesome if you are just trying out arbitrage betting.

If you pick the monthly subscription option. You will get a 40% discount in the first month. Instead of € 49, you will only pay € 19.

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BetSlayer vs BetOnValue: Which is Cheaper?

BetSlayer wins because of its simple pricing plan.

BetOnValue has a complicated pricing plan. The silver plan has a three-minute delay. The gold with no delay is the one that can be compared directly to the BetSlayer plan. The BetOnValue gold plan is two and a half times more expensive than BetSlayer.

BetSlayer and BetOnValue (Silver) are semi-pro / midlevel arbitrage betting software. Their prices are higher than the budget arbitrage betting software but lower than the professional arbitrage betting software.

Only pre-match arbitrage bets are available on BetSlayer.

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BetSlayers Features (Pros)

Pre-match Arbing.

There are plenty of pre-match arbitrage bets on BetSlayer.

The fact that BetSlayer only supports 48 bookmakers did not have an obvious effect on the number of arbitrage bets.

Probably because the 48 bookmakers are among the commonly used bookmakers.

Betting Navigator

The BetSlayer betting navigator is called ‘Add to betslip’.
The add to BetSlip feature is built right into the web app in the form of a reb button.
Click on the red button and you will be navigated to the event and in some cases, the event will be loaded to the BetSlip.
The BetSlayer navigation is not that advanced.
Its ability to prevent bookmaker tracking is therefore questionable.

Integrated Betting Calculator

BetSlayer has one of the simplest arbitrage betting calculators.

Click on an arb and the calculator is immediately launched.

Add the total amount you want to bet and the stakes for each leg are instantly calculated.

Under the options menu, you can select the roundoff figure for the calculator (1,5,10).

BetSlayer’s betting calculator is easily the perfect integrated betting calculator. 

Perfect User Interface Design

BetSlayer has a simple, intuitive user interface. Once you log in, you can tell right away what to click.

It is a shame related arbitrage bets are not categorized together. Categorizing arbs would have made the user interface perfect.

Betting Accounting System

BetSlayer’s accounting system is called profit tracker.

All you have to do to record an arbitrage bet is click the add to profit tracker button.
The result of the arbitrage bets are automatically updated once the match ends.

It is a shame there is no way to track the money movements across bookmakers.

BetBuger and BetOnValue have better accounting systems

BetSlayer Missing features (Cons)

Live Arbitrage Betting

  • BetSlayer does not have a live arbitrage betting feature.

If you are interested in live arbitrage betting check out Arbmate (a Budget Arbitrage Betting Software) or BetBurger (A professional Arbitrage Betting Software)

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Value Bets

BetSlayer does not have a value betting feature.

If you are interested in value betting check out RebelBetting   or BetBurger (only one with live arbitrage betting) or BetOnValue.

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Advanced Arbitrage Betting Types

There are no middles or polish middles on BetSlayer.

Advanced betting types are available in Oddstorm (professional software), RebelBetting (professional), BetBurger (professional), and Arbmate (Budget).

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Account Freezing

There is no way to Freeze your BetSlayer subscription.


Most other arbitrage betting software have account freezing features.

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BetSlayer Pros and cons Summary


  • The right pricing for a semipro/ mid-range arbitrage betting software (At € 49/ month it is more expensive than Budget software and cheaper than pro software).
  • Plenty of Pre-match arbitrage bets despite supporting few bookmakers.
  • Easy to use Betting Navigator.
  • A half-decent accounting system (profit tracker).
  • An Intuitive user interface that is easy to use.
  • A simple to use integrated arbitrage betting calculator.


  • Supports a limited number of bookmakers.
  • Bookmakers can easily track Betslayer’s Navigation feature.
  • The accounting system does not track money movement between bookmakers.
  • Live arbitrage betting feature is absent.
  • No value betting feature.
  • No advanced arbitrage bet types (Middles and Polish middles.)
  • Account freezing feature is absent.

BetOnValue vs BetSlayer: Which is the Best Semi-Professional Arbitrage Betting?

BetSlayer is undeniably better than BetOnValue.

Check out our full BetOnValue review.

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Also, check out a list of the Best paid and Free arbitrage betting software.

BetSlayer Verdict

Biggest Complain:I wish BetSlayer had a live arbitrage betting feature.

The live arbitrage betting feature would have made BetSlayer a worthy opponent to Arbmate (Budget Arbitrage betting software that costs half the price).

Arbmate full review.


Skip using BetSlayer.

If you are using a Budget Arbitrage Betting Software (Arbmate / BreakingBet) keep using them. 

Arbmate Review & Breaking Bet Review 

BetSlayer lacks many features that come standard in budget arbitrage betting software.

If you want to upgrade from budget arbitrage betting software upgrade straight to professional arbitrage betting software (BetBurger, Rebelbetting, Oddstorm) and skip BetOnValue.

If you must upgrade to a semi-pro/ midrange arbitrage betting software then upgrade to BetSlayer and not BetOnValue.

Find Out More About BetSlayer

Conditions under which to pick BetSlayer:

  • If you want to place arbitrage bets with bookies exclusively supported by BetSlayer. List of supported bookmakers available at the end of the article.
  • If you just want to explore semipro arbitrage betting software.

BetSlayer Supported Bookmakers









Betfair AUS


Betsson Sportsbook   








Fanduel SB





HK Jockey Club








Paddy Power









BetSlayer Supported Sports


Ice hockey



Aussie Rules


Mixed Martial Arts

Table Tennis



Rugby League




Rugby Union

US Football