What is Online Academic Writing?

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


The definition of online writing is right there in the word. It is basically any form of writing intended for online use. This definition can also be extended to stand for any type of writing where a writer and customer (Individual who wants something written for him) communicate and transact online.

Online writing is divided into three branches. 

1. Academic Writing

Remember those essays you used to hate writing in high school and campus. It turns out that they were important after all. Academic writing is basically writing those essays for other students. These students are mostly in the developed world. The majority of them come from Australia and the United States.

So, someone is given an assignment on say ‘The advantages of Renewable Energy’. He is a busy person and he sends it to you to complete it. All you have to do is to research the topic and write the paper.

Academic writing is the simplest form of writing and this is the perfect place to start your online writing hustle. 

2. Article or Content Writing

Content writing still involves writing. The difference between it and academic writing is that you are writing for a different audience. When you are writing articles, you are writing material that will be post on blog post, websites, and online forums.

The trick with article writing is to make things interesting. Because of course no one reads a boring blog post. 

3. Copywriting

This is the mother of all online writing gigs. To start with it is the highest paying of the three categories. But of course, there is always a catch. It takes a lot of work, and energy just to be a good copywriter. Finding copywriting jobs is also not so easy task. 

So, what is copywriting?

You have seen those catchy advertisements on newspapers and billboards. That is the work of a copywriter. You create catchy and memorable ads that will help your client sell more products.

If you are thinking of conquering online writing, your long-term goal should be to conquer copywriting.

Now you have a picture of what online writing is all about. Time to find out exactly what you need to start making money online.