23 Advantages of Academic Writing: It is Not Just About the Money

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


Imagine signing to do multiple degrees at once.


Instead of paying thousands of dollars to the different colleges, you get paid.
Well, what I have just described is academic writing in a nutshell.

You will earn a relatively decent income completing academic writing orders.

As a by-product, you will learn a lot across different academic fields.
It is not just academic prowess, below I list all the other advantages.

Academic Advantages of Academic Writing

  1. Academic Writing allows you to learn a lot on a Wide Variety of topics

You have two days to write a five-page accounting paper on ‘The financial situation of Verizon communication.’

You have three hours to write a psychology paper on ‘Hallucinations in Schizophrenia’.

You have one day to write a research paper on ‘Vernacular Architecture and Building Materials’.

You have 5 hours to do ‘Short Run Marginal Cost’ calculations on a bunch of data.

You have one day to write a Geography paper on ‘Global Climates’.

You have two days to do a Business statistics paper that requires you to calculate One way ANOVA , Two-way ANOVA, correlation analysis, and Kruskal-Wallis test.

You have 24 hours to write a Lab report titled: ‘Determining the Concentration of ethanol using colorimetry’.

All the above orders have one thing in common. The first time I looked at them I had no clue how to complete them.

That did not stop me from writing the papers.

I researched the subject matter and completed them anyway.

Result: I know something about short-run marginal cost, vernacular architecture, schizophrenia, and ANOVA statistical test.

You too will know this and much more when you start writing online.

All this information will make you a better, wiser person.

You can’t help but make better life decisions after writing 20-100 blog posts.

  1. Writing will help you develop a good reading culture

You cannot write without reading.
You cannot read without writing.

To be a good academic writer you have to be an avid reader. Such reading exposes you to the writing styles of better writers. Such reading also exposes you to different ideas.

A neat trick I have always used to keep my reading up to date is to bookmark interesting blog posts. During my free time, I analyze the language and the ideas in the blog post.

Monetary Advantages of Online Writing

  1. You are going to make decent amounts of money

Well, I am assuming the number one reason you are interested in Academic writing is to make money online. Worry not, go through our academic writing fundamentals, and how to open accounts courses.

You should start earning money in no time.

For more on how much you should expect to earn, go through our blog post on Projected income from Academic Writing.

  1. As an Academic Writer, you can work from anywhere under the sun

The first step of the Online Billionaire Game Plan is to write online. The reason for this is that it is easy to start making money writing online.

All you need to start writing online is a laptop and an internet connection (More on Academic Writing Tools Here).

A laptop and an internet connection happen to be portable things. Nothing is preventing you from completing an order from a beach somewhere.

  1. You are not tied down to one job

My friend Joan works as a secretary for a large company.

When Joan wants to leave her job, she needs to give the company a six-month notice.
As an academic writer, you don’t need to give anyone any notice.

What this means:

  1. You don’t have to pay taxes (Most Countries)

Academic writing accounts pay directly to your Skrill account. They do not deduct any tax because the amount you are paid is an expense to them not a salary.

The taxman has no way of determining that you have been paid. As such, you can get away with not paying any tax.

Character Development Benefits of Academic Writings

  1. Academic Writing will show you your true abilities

Do you know you can write 20pgs of in a day?

Do you know you can work 16 hours a day non-stop?

Don’t believe me?

Start writing and you will realize you have been underestimating your potential.

  1. You will become a Hyper productive person.

As a writer deadlines are going to be your number one enemy. I remember for a time it seemed like I did not have enough time to do anything.

The resulting pressure to get the most out of every minute forced me to come up with cool productivity hacks. One such hack was to block YouTube and Facebook on my computer using the Cold Turkey app.

Once you start writing, you too will be hyper-productive in no time.

  1. There is no better way to horn your discipline

Sitting down for 12 straight hours writing a research paper is no joke. It requires discipline.

Many people can’t do it, and that is why a college student somewhere is paying you to do this.

The good thing about discipline or will power is that it is like a muscle (link to will power is like a muscle – book on Amazon). The more you use it the stronger it gets. Write research papers for a month and you will soon be super disciplined.

The good thing with discipline is that it will take care of you like nothing else.

  1. It will teach you to be a critical thinker.

Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue to form a judgment.

Critical thinking is an essential ingredient for writing good academic writing essays.

The more academic papers you write, the better you get at critical thinking.

Language Development Advantages of Writing

  1. Academic writing will allow you to develop excellent research skill

How do you write about a subject you know nothing about?

It is simple. Research, Research, Research.

As a writer, you will be required to write high-quality papers.

As a writer, you will be required to write papers quickly.

With the above demands, you can’t help but become a great writer.

  1. Develop a richer vocabulary

The first day I wrote a complete academic essay, it came back with a big question mark.

The customer was not amused by my constant repetition of the word ‘best’.

The essay was titled, ‘The Best Sports Player’. Being an amateur I had sprinkled the word ‘best’ all over the place like it was some cheap air freshener.

Thanks to google, I learned that the word best has synonyms including finest, greatest, tip, foremost, leading, pre-eminent, premier, prime, first, chief, principal, supreme, unbeaten, unparalleled …

As you write you will research synonyms to different words.

As you write you will research the etiology and meanings of different words.

Before you know it, you will double the English words you currently understand.

  1. It is a good opportunity to cultivate editorial skills

No piece of writing is done without editing.

Think of it this way. Writing is really just editing. After writing the first line of an article the rest of the writing is to ensure subsequent sentences fit into this first line.

Hello, that is exactly what editing is all about.

Once you have your editing skills polished, many academic writing accounts will allow you to upgrade your writing account to the editor level.

  1. Good grammar will become second nature

Sentence 1: The bank teller counted the money. (Active Voice)

Sentence 2: The money was counted by the bank teller. (Passive Voice)

One of the above two sentences has a grammatical error, guess which one?

It is the second sentence.

When I started my Academic Writing career, 80% of my sentences were in the passive voice. Now, I can smell a sentence with a passive voice from miles away.

Less than 5% of your sentences should be in passive voice.

You will learn the Active Passive voice rules and many other grammas rules in your academic writing journey.

Career Advantages of Academic Writing

  1. You will learn to work under pressure

The most rewarding careers are those that demand the most from you.

Think of a doctor. A doctor has to constantly work under pressure to save the lives of others.

Think of an engineer at Google. An engineer at Google has to work under pressure to meet the deadline for the latest product launch.

I know you have your big plans for your life.

The ability to work under pressure will supercharge those plans.

  1. Writing teaches you teamwork

I know what you are thinking, “How is writing a team thing?”.

All you do is sit at your desk and type away to oblivion.

You are wrong!

Academic writing is collaborative.

First, you have to talk to the customer to double-check your understanding of the instructions.

Then there is the important work of talking to your editor to ensure your paper is high quality.

Well, don’t forget the many academic writer communities on Facebook and WhatsApp.

  1. You will learn first hand how an Online Business runs

Online writing platforms operate like any other online business.

The platforms are websites linking customers (students who want essays) with Academic Writers (people like you and me with excellent writing skills).

As you use these online writing platforms, you will understand what constitutes an online business.

In no time you will come up with an idea on how to build your own online business.

That is exactly how TheOnlineBillionaire(link) was born.

  1. Academic Writing will turn you into a great writer

In today’s digital economy, there is an immense demand for people who can write.

Companies need good writers to update their blogs.

Companies need good copywriters to design and write their marketing messages.

Institutions need good writers to update their social media platforms.

What’s more?

With good writing, you can start your own online business.

  1. Free marketing Lessons

There are two types of Academic Writing Accounts; Bid accounts and take accounts.

Bid accounts will teach you how to market yourself.

In such accounts, you directly compete with other writers for work by sweet-talking clients.

Mastery of marketing will benefit all your future endeavors.

  1. Academic Writing will teach you the value of hard work

In a traditional job, you are one of many employees required to do a specific task.

Depending on your position on the corporate ladder. What you do may or may not matter (mostly it doesn’t matter).

Academic writing is different.

The amount of money you get paid is directly correlational to the amount of work you do.

i.e: Work twice as hard and you earn double your original income.

The resulting mentality on the value of work will serve you for the rest of your life.

  1. You will never be stressed by high-pressure situations

Academic writing is in many ways a high-pressure career.

One moment you are chilling. Next thing you know you have 5 hours to write a 5 paged essay on ‘Cancer stem cells.’

In the beginning, such urgent orders will consume your entire life. However, over time you will learn to better manage your time.

Fast forward a few years and you are the CEO of a large company. You will constantly have deadlines to meet and angry customers to satisfy. This time around, it will take you a shorter time to adapt.

Why? You already learned how to manage a high-pressure career a long time ago when you were an Academic writer.

  1. A master at learning

The Online Billionaire free academic writing course (link to course) was specifically written to teach you how to become an effective academic writer. In the different course modules, you will learn specific writing skills.

Our writing course is just the beginning of your learning journey. You will learn even more in the course of completing orders.

Case 1: You are requested to write about the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. Problem, you know nothing about the theory of relativity by Einstein.

Solution: You are going to spend the next hour taking a crash course in the theory of relativity.

Case 2: you realize it is taking you too long to complete an order. As far as you can tell, your process of completing academic papers is okay (link to process of completing academic paper). The problem is that your typing speed is too slow.

Solution: You are going to spend the next one-month learning how to touch type.

By the time you are done with writing you will be able to learn things fast.

Other Advantages of Online Writing

  1. Your laptop will be an extension of you

As an academic writer, your laptop will be your best friend. It will be with you during those dreadful days when you have to work all night to meet a deadline.

When you feel like giving up, it will play you upbeat music.

No matter the time, It will be ready to serve you most of the time.

After being through thick and thin with your laptop, you can’t help but know everything about it.

What’s more, all laptops happen to be the same.

In the end, you should be able to troubleshoot and use any computer.