Is Academic Writing Dead?

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


Rumour has it

Talk to any Veteran Academic writer and they will tell you The Online Writing Industry has changed a lot.

There is less work.

Writers earn less.


It is getting harder and harder to open an Online Writing Account. 

Probe deeper and you will realize these Veteran Academic Writers are looking for ways to get out of the Academic Writing industry.

Forgive me, but this sounds a lot like you are late to the Academic Writing party.

If you haven’t started, is it even worth learning about Academic Writing?

Reasons for the decline of Academic writing

Graph showing current downward trend of Online Writing

1. The law of supply and demand

I have a friend called Joshua who started Academic Writing back in 2003. Back then, very few people knew about Academic writing. As a matter of fact, Uvocorp, requested Joshua to become a writer. He did not have to do a grammar test, let alone write an essay.

Fast forward to today and a large chunk of the population in developing countries have heard about academic writing.

Thanks to the low barrier to entry and the high potential for income, all these people want to be academic writers.

To overcome all this competition be sure to go over our free academic writing course.

The resulting oversupply of writers means there is less work per writer.
Less work per writer means less income per writer.

2.A large number of Academic Writing Platforms

Related to the supply and demand issue is the fact that there are hundreds of online writing platforms. 

In the article 100 academic writing accounts, I list 123 academic writing accounts. The 123 online writing accounts are just the tip of the iceberg. Every single day more and more platforms are created to cash in on the opportunities available on online writing.

The result, the available platforms end up sharing available customers. This results in less work per platform.

3. The United Kingdom Government Crackdown 

Starting in October 2019, something drastic happened to the flow of academic writing work.

Usually, academic writing is available in two bursts; between 4 pm and 8 pm London time and 4 pm to 8 pm New York time.

Starting in October 2019, the burst that occurred between 4 pm to 8 pm London time dried up.

Reason: the UK parliament had outlawed Online Writing Essay platforms.

Starting immediately, online writing essay platforms were not be allowed to advertise within the country. PayPal would also stop processing payments associated with essay writing platforms.

Luckily, the Australian and American governments are yet to take similar measures.

Online Writing is Not Quite dead Yet…

Allow me to engage you in a brain game:

How many students are currently enrolled in American colleges?

If your guess is anything less than 50 million, you are wrong!

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 76 million enrolled College students. 

How about the number of college students in Australia?

According to Australian University rankings that will be 1,313,776 students.

Don’t forget Canada

According to Statistics Canada, the total number of students enrolled in Canadian Universities is 2,034,957.

Add up the three numbers and you realize as an academic writer you have over 79 million potential customers.

So no, academic writing is not dead. 

Against the Nay Sayers: Why Academic Writing is Not Dead.

The law of Supply and demand – If you are the type of writer who writes high-quality papers, you will always have work. Start the journey of becoming a high-quality writer today by going over our Online Writing Course.

A large number of Academic Writing platforms – You can have accounts with as many academic writing accounts as you want. All you need to know are the fundamentals of opening an account 

The United Kingdom government ban on writing– There are three other countries (United States, Australia, Canada) with even larger numbers of customers. Paypal is not the only online payment system. There is Skrill, Neteller, and Payoneer.

The Online Payment System that I personally prefer to use is Skrill…

Final Thoughts on the Future of Academic Writing

The truth is no one can predict the future.

You know what, maybe Academic Writing is going to be dead in the next five years.

But by then, that won’t matter.


Because you will have followed the Online Billionaire Game plan 

In five years you will be an online billionaire.

In the short term protect your income from a decline in Academic Writing by:
1. Embracing diversification. [The Ultimate diversification plan in the Online Billionaire Game Plan.]
2. Owning more than one Academic Writing. You can either Open or buy these Academic Writing Accounts.
3. Get direct clients. Find out about the Direct Client model by going over the A-Z of Direct Clients.