Academic Writing Course Overview

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


Online Writing Course

Anyone who knows what I do for a living always asks me the same questions. Show me how to make money online? Is it hard to make money online? How do I get started? What do I need to get started? How much money will I actually make?

Well, my intention with this course is to answer all these questions in one place. Remember this is not so much about making money online as it is a story about my journey. It is about how I taught myself the fundamentals of online writing. It is about how through sheer will I opened an academic writing account. It is about how I make a stable income today through online writing.

Follow this proven path and you will be on your way to financial stability.

How this Online Writing Course is organized

The course is made up of thirteen units each focussing on a given aspect of academic writing. The first four units are foundational units that will teach you about the basics of online writing. These four are:


1.       What is online writing

2.        What you need to start writing online – make it about self-help.

3.       What it takes to Succeed at Academic Writing

4.       The fundamentals of Academic Writing.


The next four units are all about how to get work. As I learned the hard way, you can have all the writing skills in the world but still not make money. This is a section that you must read.


5. Where to get work as a beginner

6.       Opening an Account

7.       Buying an Account

8.   A list of 100 Online Writing Accounts


The Next Five Units are What I call the Advanced sections. Here the discussion moves to general concepts in the online writing community.


9. How much Income should You Expect to Earn?

10.   Off-peak and Peak Season

11.   Making it a business

12.   Is academic writing dead

13.   The disadvantages of online writing


As you Start a new page in your life, remember good things only come to those who persist.

Yours Truly,
Kenneth Maiyo