How Much I Make From Academic Writing.

Last Updated: July 10, 2023


The amount of money you can make by writing online
The popularity of online academic writing in recent times has been over the roof. Thousands of people have made quite a fortune doing this kind of writing. A sizable number is even living off online writing completely.
One problem!
Finding out exactly how much you can make doing online writing is a tall order. Often those who have been in the sector long enough choose to be discrete about their income. Perhaps it is a large sum and they are afraid you will compete for their market share. Or maybe it is a meager amount and they are afraid you will look down upon them. There was no way to know for sure, until now!
I have been writing for close to seven months now. Since you are my friend and I happen to stand for the truth, I will show you exactly how much I have been able to make writing on two platforms. This will be a true representation of how much you are able to earn if you are a normal person. By normal I mean you are struggling with awesome things like always being in a party mood on Fridays and on laziness mode during weekends. If you happen to be a Demigod with none of those shortcomings, the good news is you should be able to make more.

How much I have made writing online from company one

How much can you make writing online
In total, I have made 1,060 dollars working for five months. This translates to exactly 212 dollars a month. If you are living a modest life in a third world country 212 dollars should be enough. If not online writing should supplement your income. I mean 200 dollars a month has to count for something.
Before you jump to conclusions, allow me to highlight a few facts. The main limiting factor when it comes to earnings is job availability.  On a good month such as March of this year, I earned a total of 316 dollars. This month I was lucky and I got assigned a substantial number of orders. An example of a month with close to no work is February where I made a mere 98 dollars. Writing online is seasonal with both On-peak and off-peak. The way to handle this is to diversify your online sources of income.
On this particular site the minimum, CPP is 4 dollars.

How much I have made writing academic papers on Website Two.

Earn Money online
The second website is a Kenyan website called research writers den. They have plenty of work but with a CPP of 2.5 dollars. Consequently, you have to work harder to make a similar amount of money.
As of now, I have made a total of 1064 dollars. I have worked for the company for a period of seven months starting in October of Last year. This means my average monthly salary is around 152 dollars. Not bad. Or what do you think?
Disclaimer!!! I would have earned much more from this site if I had put more effort. Case in point. In November of 2017, I made a total of 300 dollars working at full throttle. (I am able to work on both sites since I have help. Without help it is only possible to work with one platform.)

What it looks like so far

Long story short. It looks like expecting to make more than 300 dollars a month is a piped-dream. Since that is the highest I have been able to make in a month. On average expect to make between 152 dollars and 212 dollars a month.
Polite Notice: All currency is in US dollars because that is the currency that most online writing sites pay in.