Top 10 Must Visit Sites For Every Forex Trader

Last Updated: July 10, 2023



Learning to trade Forex the easy way requires using the best ten Forex learning platforms

Top 10 Forex Learning Platforms

Learning to be a pro forex trader is anything but easy. You have to be able to understand a lot of information within a limited amount of time. To accomplish this you need to use the best Forex learning sites out there. If you use this sources of information well, learning how to trade forex can be a walk in the pack. Below are the ten best Forex PLatforms for the year 2018.
10. Forex Fraud (
If you want to avoid Forex Scams, this is your site. Before deciding on the Forex Broker you are going to trade with, be sure to check the broker’s review on this site. If the broker is declared fraud-free you are good to go. If it is a scam stay away. This will save you the agony of losing your hard earned money in an unexplainable way.
9. Analystfx (
This is a great place to get trading ideas. This platform offers both forex technical and fundamental analysis reports on the major currency pairs. The analysis reports span different time frames. There is a daily report, a weekly review, and a monthly wrap up. Depending on the timeframe you trade, there will be something for you.
8. FXStreet – The Foreign Exchange Market (
FXStreet is another great place to develop trading ideas. In this website, different contributors try to explain the forces behind recent market moves. These contributors go ahead and give opinions on whether one should go short or long. If you are stuck this is a good place to get fresh ideas. Just take your time and think through them. They are the writer’s opinions and not necessarily biblical truths.
7. Traders Laboratory (
This is the perfect place to find like-minded people. It is a forum where Forex traders answer each other’s questions and share trading ideas. I personally use this website and it is perfect. As traders, we have to have each other’s backs.
6. ForexCrunch (
This platform is exclusively focused on fundamental analysis. If you are a Fundamental trader, welcome home. With this site, you will always get updates on key events and news that are likely to cause volatility. You will then plan your trades appropriately.
5. Forex Factory (
This site is among the most informative forex platforms thanks to its economic calendar. All the economic news are listed and color-coded depending on their importance. This enables you to control risk and be prepared for trading opportunities.
Forex factory logo, it is best known for its detailed Forex economic calendar
4. Bloomberg (
Bloomberg will help you get a feel for the financial markets. A big and reputable company runs the website. The platform is hence able to cover a wide variety of financial markets. Bloomberg is my first stop at the beginning of every trading day.
3. Market Pulse by Oanda Corporation (
Hands down the best place to get Forex news and analysis. They have an Economic Calendar that rates the impact of the event on a given currency. They have a team of experienced technical analysts who give professional opinions on market trends. Additionally, this site ranks so high because it is run by Oanda. Oanda is a leading Forex broker. Its trader centered approach will serve you well.
2. Investopedia-Sharper insight-smart investing (
Investopedia is an Encyclopedia of sorts. In this platform, you will learn the definition of each and every Forex Terminology. Apart from definitions, you will find articles that deal with all aspects of trading. You definitely have to bookmark this site.
1. Baby pips-Learn Forex Trading (
babypips logo the best Forex Platform for beginners
This is a must use site, for a beginner FOREX trader. As an Amateur trader, it is where I first learned the basics of FOREX. For the experienced traders, it is a good place for a refresher course. In babypips, you start off with basics in preschool and end with the complex stuff in the graduation stage.

Now you know what resources to use to become a professional FOREX Trader.