Finally, a sure way to make money gambling: Arbitrage Betting

Last Updated: July 10, 2023


Quit Gambling Today

Here is my story. I come from Kenya and I love the English premier league. For ten years now and counting, I have been an avid Liverpool fan. Just when I turned eighteen I saw what I thought was the opportunity of a lifetime. An easy way to make money. All I had to do was to place bets on my favorite team and just like that, I make serious money!
The year is 2014, the country is Kenya. Mpesa, the world famous mobile transfer system that was launched by Safaricom in 2007 is already a huge success. Internet penetration in the country is growing at a rate of 2000% per year. Everything was perfect for the gambling industry to take off. The first company that identified this opportunity was SportPesa. As they say, the rest is history.
I was among the first to try out this new and easy way of making money. The initial excitement I had however disappeared after just a week. Apparently making money through gambling is not that easy. There is always that one team in a multi-bet or an accumulator that spoils it all.  After losing 10,000 Kenya shillings, equivalent to 100 USD on a single day I was ready to give up.

A little Miracle.

It was on a Wednesday to be specific. I was casually browsing the web and I happened to stumble upon a website that talked about a sure way to make money through sports betting. At first, I scoffed at it, “There is no sure way to make money gambling”, I thought. I checked it out anyway. Long story short, that is how I came to know about rebel betting and arbitrage betting.

The Best Arbitrage Betting software in the Whole Universe.

First, a quick breakdown into what arbitrage betting is all about. Arbitrage betting is whereby you bet on all outcomes of a game in such a way that irrespective of the results you make a profit. The opportunity to place an arbitrage bet occurs due to competition among bookmakers.
Allow me to give you a little demonstration. Tonight there is a Champions League finals match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. The odds are as follows: Liverpool to win at 3.1-sportPesa, a draw to happen at 3.1-bet365, and an Atletico Madrid win at Betway for 3.1. If you place a 1000 dollar bet at each of these bookmakers you are guaranteed to make 100 dollars irrespective of the outcome. Before I made this kind of money I had to solve three problems.
1.       Finding an affordable arbitrage finding software
Finding arbitrage opportunities manually is tiresome and not worth your time. You need a reputable arb finding software. After comparing prices and quality of service, I settled on rebel betting. For exactly 39 Euros a month I was able to get access to a limited version of their software. Although the number of arbs is reduced, it is hands down the best way to learn how to arb. Simply put rebel betting is easy to use and it supports a large number of bookmakers.
Lest you say I am telling a lie, check it out for yourself: 
2.       Finding Bookmakers that are supported by Rebel Betting and Accept Kenyan Customers.
Most of the bookies supported by arbitrage betting software are UK based. A few of this bookies do not accept Kenyan clients. Forget about those UK based bookmakers for a start. There are three Kenyan bookies that are supported by rebel betting; Dafabet, Betway, and 1Xbet. You can use this three for a start.  As you gain experience add international once like bet 365 and Betfair.
3.       How much do you need to start arbitrage betting?
The recommended minimum is 500 dollars but I started out with 200 dollars. To make payments to international bookmakers you will need to have a visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. For easy management of funds, create accounts with e-wallets such as Skrill. They accept customers worldwide and are convenient to use.
Stop throwing your money away to bookmakers. Take the leap of faith (say it with me) because