The Three Places to Get Work As An Academic Writer

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


So you have gone through the guide on the right way to write an academic paper. All you need to solve is the small problem of getting orders to work on. Actually, it is not a small problem. It is the biggest problem you will have to solve as a freelancer.

Just like you, I struggled with this problem for the longest while. I had gone through the steps of writing we went through in ‘The Definitive guide to becoming a Professional Academic writer.’

Heck, I had even written a few papers just for practice. The problem is that such ‘practice writing’ was not going to make me money. I needed to write actual work for actual clients.

How did I Finally get Academic Writing Work.

My experimentation on how to get work lead me to the conclusion that there are three ways to go about it.

But first…

A quick crash course on how the academic writing Industry is organized.

At the top are the big writing companies that get work from clients. An example of such a company is Uvocorp. These big companies then give work to freelance writers like you and me.

The freelance writers who have accounts can decide to subcontract their work even further. Such freelance writers who subcontract will usually have a team of writers with whom they work with.

1. Writing for Account Owners

This is exactly how I started my freelance career. I looked for anyone (friend or foe) who had an online writing account. Once I found such an individual, I persisted until he or she gave me tasks to complete.

The part about persistence is very important. We talked about it in the lesson about the tools for online writing, and I will repeat it again.

The first time you ask for a job from an account holder, there is a 99% chance he will refuse. After all, such individuals get such request from hundreds of people every single day.

You have to show you are serious. Keep asking, find a way to show your dedication and they will start sending you work.

But what if you do not have any friends who are online writers?

In that case, don’t fret, I have the perfect solution for you. Log in to Facebook and join academic writer groups. Within such groups, there will be plenty of account holders looking for skilled writers. A good place to start is this Facebook group. 

2. Opening your own account.

Eventually, you will realize that working for someone does not just cut it. For one, there is a hard ceiling on how much you get paid per page. Normally, you will get paid 250ksh per page. If there is too much work, or you prove to be too valuable, then you get paid 300ksh per page.

With your own account, you can easily get paid as much as $10 per page.

An even better reason why you should have your own account is workflow. With your own account, you stand a better chance of having more work.

Opening your own account is however not an easy task. It requires both a sound strategy and persistence. That is why I have dedicated an entire article on exactly how to open an academic writing account. 

3. Buying an account.

This is the easiest and the most preferred way to have your own account. In fact, there is an entire industry within the online writing ecosystem focused on this. Within such circles; buying and selling academic writing accounts is the only business.

The biggest risk with online writing is getting conned. So how exactly do you find a reputable place to buy an online writing account?

There are only two places that I would recommend. This Facebook group and this other Facebook group. The guys who run these two Facebook groups have physical offices. Plus, they have been around for quite some time.

Remember, buying an account is always a risky affair. To reduce the risk, first ensure that your academic writing skills are perfect.

Finally, only buy an account after you conduct due diligence on it. Is it from a reputable company? Is the owner available? Do you have access to the email address linked to the account?