The A-Z of Buying an Academic Writing Account

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


To Buy or to Open an Academic Writing Account

If you are just starting out with academic writing, then the best approach is to open your own account.

In this other article, I discuss exactly how to do that.

Let’s face it.

Opening an account takes a lot of patients. If you want to hit the road running buying an account is probably your best bet.

Buying an account comes with its risks.

Below I show you how to buy an account and the pitfalls and the pitfalls to avoid.

So, Where do you Buy an Academic Writing Account

Here is where

The most convenient place to buy an account is on Facebook and WhatsApp groups run by Trusted Dealers (TD).

Trusted dealers buy accounts from a large number of writers. They, therefore, always have a variety of accounts available for sale.

The two largest Trusted Dealers on Facebook are:

Buy/Sell Academic Writing Accounts

Freelancer Writing Accounts for Buying and Selling

The best person to buy your account from is your friend or a friend of your friend.

Friends are less likely to sell you an account with a poor rating and little work.

The friend will also personally help you get used to the rules and regulations of the writing account. A trusted dealer is only in the business of buying and selling accounts.

Step by Step Process on How to buy a Writing Account

There is one important thing you have to know about writing accounts.

Each writing account has an email address attached to it.

Getting control of the email address is more important than getting control of the writing account. This is because you can reset the writing accounts password and set a new one using the email address attached to the account.

Summary on How to Buy a Writing Account

  1. Check the account to ensure it has a good rating.
  2. Request access to the email address associated with the account.
  3. Change the password and the recovery details of the email.
  4. Change the password of the writing account for extra security.
  5. Pay for the account
  6. Now you are all set to make money online.

Which Academic Writing Account Should You Buy?

ENL only Accounts vs ESL Accounts

ENL Accounts

Common Countries Where English is the Native Language

ENL (English Native Language) accounts only accept writers from Native English-speaking countries. Such writers mostly come from developed countries like United States, United Kingdom, and Austria. These accounts pay the highest. On average you will be paid between 20$ to$30 per page.

That is enough money to make anyone mouth water.

One problem.

ENL accounts are very strict about the sale of accounts to writers in Non-ENL countries. As such your ENL account will be closed soon after you buy it.

Sure, you can use a VPN service to change your IP address to that of an ENL country. Better yet you can get an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).  RDP allows you to access the account through a computer that is located elsewhere in the world.

It will not help much.

You will still have a brief period of time to recoup your investment. These accounts are constantly being monitored and all it takes to lose the account is one tiny mistake. Maybe you forget to sign in through your RDP. Or your VPN has a glitch for a few nanoseconds.

It also does not help it that these ENL accounts are expensive.

As such ENL accounts are best left for pros. Pros are nimble enough to recoup their investment and make a decent profit before the account is closed.

ESL Accounts

Chinese Mispronouncing English Sentence.

ESL Accounts (English Secondary Language) accept writers from all over the world. There is no need to hide your IP address.

Luckily ESL accounts form the majority of writing accounts. For a full list of ESL, accounts check out our complete list of academic writing accounts.

The downside of ESL accounts is that they pay less per page. On average the pay is between 4 – 10 $ per page.

If you are just starting out, buy an ESL account.

Bid vs Take accounts

Bid accounts are accounts where you talk directly to the customer. The intention is to convince the customer that they should pick you instead of the other writers.

In a bidding account you essentially have two tasks: Convince the customer to give you work. Once you are assigned the work, complete it successfully.

The process of asking for work is often time-consuming. If and when possible avoid a bidding account.

In Take accounts, all you have to do is accept available orders and start working on it. Your work here is just to work on the order.

A take account is an outright winner.

Caution: When picking an account to buy focus on the rating and the history of the account. A highly rated bid account with a good history is better than a take account with a poor rating.

Additional Pitfalls to Avoid when buying an Account

Lion Hunting down a Buffalo

Picking the right account is a matter of life and death. Pick the wrong account and your Academic writing career is dead before it even starts. Pick the right account and you will have a passive income in no time.

  • Buy only from a trusted dealer
  • As a matter of principle start with accounts that accept writers from your country. Only move to ENL accounts much later.
  • Avoid any accounts with too many fines, warnings on plagiarism, warnings on poor quality work, and warnings on lateness. Sure, such accounts are cheap. But cheap is expensive.
  • Avoid overly expensive accounts. Start with accounts that cost below $300. Only move to those that cost between $1,000 and $4,000 once you know what you are doing.

Where to get money to buy an Academic Writing account

Man pointing at head asking the other to think

This is the one question that I get asked a lot.

I have learned the basics of Academic writing, I now want to start making money.

One problem.

I don’t have the money to buy an account.

Answer 1: you don’t have to buy an account. Open your own writing account. Find out more about account opening by reading our open your own account tutorial.

Answer 2: If you really must buy an account, get creative.

Like my friend Joel, take a 600-dollar loan from your Sacco and buy an account. Make sure you buy during or close to the high season. If you have gone through our Academic writing course you will easily pay back the loan in one month.

If you have no savings in your account try crowdfunding accounts like My guy Charles Gitonga did it and he is the proud owner of a $600 account.

Ask for help from your relatives and friends. They make donations even for funerals, why would they not help you invest for your future?

Remember: Where there is a will, there is away. Try all available avenues. One will definitely work.