13 Tips to Get Work From New and Dead Academic Writing Accounts

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


You have followed our strategy on how to open an academic writing account and you now have your dream academic writing account.


Maybe you followed a different path, saved up your money, and bought an account.

One Problem.

You have bid for weeks, and you are not getting work.

Maybe you are even considering giving up on it all together.

Don’t give up just yet.

Take the case of my second academic writing account, ProficientWriters. (More on the Top10 Academic Writing Accounts worth opening here).

When I first opened it, it took me a whole month before I finally got my first task. I kept bidding for another week and finally gave up on it.

It was not until a year later that I reconsidered working on the account. This time around I applied the 13 tips I am going to share with you below and my income took off.

Whenever I think about the wasted year and the money I left on the table, I feel like crying.

Don’t leave money on the table like me.

Do you have a new account that you want to start earning money from today?

Do you have an old account that you have abandoned because there was no work?

Do you want to get more orders on an account that you already own?

I have 13 field-tested tips for you that are guaranteed to work.

1. Bid consistently

If you have a bid account, then this is the one tip you should implement today.

Bid every day no matter what.

Even if you haven’t been assigned an order in weeks, just keep bidding.

Even when you feel like giving up, just keep bidding.

Whenever I have been consistent with my bidding, a month will not go by before I have been assigned 3-4 orders.

As you get more orders and reviews, it will reach a point where clients and the support team will be begging you to take orders.

My friends with take accounts, I haven’t forgotten about you. Tip number six is specifically meant for you.

Read about Bid vs Take Accounts.

2. Have a bid template and Keep optimizing it

Most writers hate bid accounts because bidding takes a lot of time and effort.

Bidding does not have to be that difficult.

Here is what you do. Instead of writing the bid message from scratch every time, create a template.

All you have to do now is personalize the template for each client.

Over time, try out different templates and pick the one that works best.

Sample Template:

Hello, I have gone through the attached instructions and I am happy to inform you that I can work on your order. I have completed 34 different papers on (insert subject here). Choose me as your writer and expect a perfect essay that will get you a distinction. Thank you.

3. Bid on as many orders as possible.

Ultimately, when all is said and done. Getting orders is just a game of numbers.

The more orders you apply for, the higher your chance of getting work.

When you have some free time, instead of mindlessly browsing the internet, use your mobile phone to bid.

Don’t have time to bid endlessly? I got you.

There is a smatter way to bid discussed in tips number eight and nine.

4. Bid for or take difficult tasks that other writers are afraid of.

You have been bidding consistently on as many orders as you can and still, no one is assigning you orders.

Now is the time to dial up the risk.

Start bidding on the difficult orders.

I have used this strategy on more than one occasion and it never fails to work.

Example: Below is a task I completed about ‘Resting membrane potential’ that required drawing a diagram. I had zero competition as other writers were afraid of it.

What if the task is too difficult and I can’t complete it?

Just like you, before I accept a difficult task, I am usually afraid I will not be able to get it done. However, rarely is this ever a problem.

More often than not, by using google and Youtube, I end up understanding the concept and completing the order.

Trust me, you will find a way to complete it, and you will start getting lots of work in no time.

5. Bid on or take Orders with short timeframes.

Another risky approach that works 99% of the time.

Find orders that are required within a short timeframe (Anywhere between 3 – 12 hours).

Promise to get it done within the short timeframe.

If the order is given to you. Focus like mad and try and get it done within the deadline.

What if I can’t get it done on time?

There is a law called Parkinson’s law that says work expands to fill the time allocated for it. More often than not, you will surprise yourself by completing the task on time.

If at all you are unable to complete the order on time. Send what you have done and tell the client or the support team you are finishing up.

As long as you prove you are working on the order (by sending an incomplete order) the deadline will be extended.

6. Respond to clients Quickly

Especially relevant for bid accounts.

Clients are usually in communication with more than one writer.

If you don’t respond fast enough to an interested client, they will choose a different writer.

If a client responds to your initial message. Drop everything and respond to them.

7. Take Orders Quickly, don’t hesitate

This tip is for the take-account heroes.

The challenge with take accounts is that orders are available for a few seconds and they are gone.

You cannot hesitate and think about whether to take the order or not. By the time you are done thinking. The order will no longer be available.

What if I mess up and take an order I can’t complete?

Create rules on what orders you are going to take.

Example: I will take all literature orders (Assuming you are a literature guru).

 Each time you see an order that fits your rules, take it without thinking or hesitating.

To ensure a high success rate ensure you have a stable internet connection.

8. Bother the support team but not too much

In most academic writing accounts, the support team has a say on which writer gets to complete an order.

In Edusson for example, a member of the support team can suggest you to the client as the ideal writer.

If you are not getting orders, every once in a while, talk to the support team.

What to say:

Tell them you have not been receiving orders and you want to know whether they have any tips on how you can increase your chances of getting assigned orders.

Hello (agent’s name). I have been applying for orders for the past week but I have not been assigned any. Is there any advice you have for me on what I should do differently to get assigned more orders? Thank you.

Tell them you have placed a bid on a particular order and since you have completed similar orders in the past they should consider assigning the order to you.

Hello (agent’s name). I have applied to get assigned order number 23456. If possible, kindly consider assigning the order to me as I have recently worked on order 78965 which is similar to order 23456. I am proud to be a member of your writing team.

What not to say /do:

9. Look for work when Other writers are asleep.

During one of those tough periods when you are bidding and not getting any work. I decided to go radical.

While the majority of writers were asleep, I decided to wake up at 2 AM and bid aggressively.  That week, I earned $300 an amount that would usually take me a month to earn. More on potential academic writing income.

Strategy summary: Bid when there is less competition.

How do I determine when there is less competition?

  • Using Similarweb find out where the majority of visitors to the academic writing website you own come from.
  • When it is nighttime for the majority of academic writing visitors, it is time for you to get busy bidding.

10. Write good awesome work.

Now that I think about it, this tip should be the number one tip.

It all starts with writing great papers. If you follow the tips above but can’t write decent papers you are wasting your time.


Sure, you will get assigned orders but since your work is low-quality you will get poor ratings.

As the poor ratings pile up, it will become increasingly difficult to convince clients to assign orders to you. Your writing accounts may even get closed.

Do you feel like you need to polish up your academic writing skills?

Start by taking our fundamentals of academic writing course.

11. Bid when the majority of tasks are present

Most academic writing customers are from the United States and the United Kingdom.

80% of academic writing orders are posted between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm UK time and 4-8 PM US time.

Convert 4-8 Pm UK and US time into your countries time.

Bid during these times to increase your chances of getting work.

If you are doing academic writing part-time, or you just don’t have free time, then Use tips nine and ten to make the most of your time.

12. Never miss Sunday evenings and Monday morning

Most students are given assignments at the end of the week (Friday) that are due on Monday.

As such, a lot of urgent orders are usually available Sunday Evening and Monday morning American time.

Even during times when I am really busy. I make sure to work on these urgent orders. They pay highly and by Monday evening, you will be having over $100.

13. Don’t be afraid to market yourself

There is a popular marketing book by Seth Godin called ‘All Marketers are Liars’.

Remember as you communicate to the client you are marketing yourself. You need to give the client a reason to choose you over other writers.

I am not saying that you should lie outright.

All I am asking you is to brag about your writing skills.

Tell the client that you are the best. Tell them you will have a perfect paper for them in half the time.

Although this may or may not be the truth, it will get you orders.


Apply some or all of the above tips in the order that makes sense for your situation. Then sit back and watch the potential of your abandoned or new academic writing unleashed.

Comment below if you have any additional tips that have worked for you?

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