The Complete Guide to Arbitrage Betting

Last Updated: July 9, 2023


The Complete Guide to Arbitrage Betting

Are you looking for a low-risk way to make money online? – Arbitrage Betting may just be it.

Have you tried online betting before and lost a ton of money to the bookies? – Arbitrage betting may just be your way to revenge.

Arbitrage Betting Explained:

So, what exactly is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a risk-free betting technique that takes advantage of inefficiencies among bookmakers. Due to inefficiencies, bookmakers often offer different odds for the same match results. Arbitrage bettors look for odds that allow them to bet on all potential outcomes of a game. No matter the results of the match they will make a profit.

Is the above definition too confusing? The examples below will make it easy.

Real-life Arbitrage Betting Examples.

Example 1:


Example 1 is from Oddstorm, the best in Play arbitrage betting software for professional arbitrage bettors.

  • Nike a bookie from Slovenia has the odds for England U17 to win (1) at 1.42
  • Fonbet a bookmaker from Cyprus has the odds for Romania U17 to win or the game to end in a draw (X2) at 4.10.

That right there is an arbitrage opportunity!

If you place a bet on Nike for England U17 to win and a bet on Fonbet for Romania U17 to win or the game to end in a draw, you win no matter the results of the game.

Let’s assume you bet $100 on Nike for an England U17 win and $34.63 on Fonbet for a Romania U17 win or draw.

  • You make a 5.47% profit no matter what.

Note: The profit in our hypothetical scenario was only $7.37. You can make more by increasing your stake.

Example 2:

Example 2 is from Betburger. The best overall arbitrage betting software, period.

The arbitrage betting opportunity is in a match between Torpedo Zhodino and Vitebsk. The two teams are from the Belarus Premier League.

The arbitrage bet in Example 1 was a 2-way bet (it involved placing two bets).

The example 2 bet is a 3-way bet (It involves placing three bets).

  • Pinnacle a UK bookie (accepts international clients) has the odds for Torpedo Zhodino to win (1) at 2.01
  • Unibet a UK bookie (accepts international clients) has the odds for a draw (X) at 3.7
  • Marathonbet a UK bookie (accepts international clients) has the odds for a Vitebsk win (2) at 5.00

That right there is an arbitrage opportunity!

We have a guaranteed 3.33% profit no matter the results of the match.

  • This time around let’s increase our total stake (the total amount we will bet) to 500 dollars.
  • Whilst we are at it, let’s round off our bets to the nearest 5 to ensure the bookies don’t limit us for arbitrage betting.

We distribute our $500 as follows: $255 pinnacle for a Torpedo Zhodino win, $140 Unibet for a draw, and $105 for a Vitebsk win.

Although the profits in this case vary, it is worth it since we avoid getting limited by betting companies. More on how to avoid bookmaker limitations later.

Now that we know what arbitrage betting is, let’s classify arbitrage betting.

Pre-match vs In-play Arbitrage Betting.

NFL Scoring

Not all arbitrage betting is created equal.

A useful way to categorize arbitrage betting is pre-match arbitrage betting and in-play arbitrage betting.

  • Pre-match arbitrage betting refers to placing arbitrage bets on matches that have not yet started (will be played in the future).
  • In-play Arbitrage betting refers to placing arbitrage bets on ongoing matches.

Prematch arbitrage betting vs in-play arbitrage betting (Summary).

Although in-play arbitrage betting has more advantages. It is not ideal for beginners. Things are usually moving too fast.

If you are just starting, start with pre-match arbitrage betting. Once you have experience move on to in-play arbitrage betting.

How to find Arbitrage Bets.


You are in love with arbitrage betting. You want to get started.

One problem, you don’t know how to find arbitrage bets.

Sure, you can look for them manually, but that will be downright painful. If you are lucky it will take you ages to find one arbitrage bet.

  • The Only logical and realistic way to find arbitrage bets is to use Arbitrage betting Software.

There are many arbitrage betting software. The one I use and recommend is Betburger.

For a comprehensive list of Arbitrage betting software check our Best Arbitrage Betting Software Blogpost.

How much can you make from Arbitrage Betting?

Before you start your journey to become an arber, I am sure you want to know how much you can realistically make.

In arbitrage betting the actual amount, you will make depends on the amount invested. More on how much you should invest in the next section.

To accurately predict how much you are going to make we are going to discuss potential income in terms of percentages.

  • If you strictly stick to pre-match arbitrage betting you will make a profit of between 8 and 13 % per month of the invested amount.
  • If you stick to in-play arbitrage betting you will make a profit of between 20 – 40% return on investment (ROI) per month.
  • A mix of pre-match and in-play arbitrage betting will give you an average profit of between 10 – 30% per month of the invested amount (Depends on the exact mix of pre-match and in-play).

Let’s assume you have invested $1,000 into arbitrage betting.

I have been doing arbitrage betting for over a year now.

I only bet during the weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

I only bet on in-play arbitrage bets.

I use the BetBurger arbitrage betting software to find bets.

My return on investment to date is an average of 34.24% per month.

Don’t let the percentages fool you. If you don’t withdraw the profits, the amount invested compounds rapidly.

How much Money do you need to Start Arbitrage Betting?

In our discussion on how much you can make from arbitrage betting, it was clear that the amount of money you make is directly related to the amount of money you invest.

Technically you can start arbitrage betting with as little money as you want. So long as it can cover both sides of the bet.

However, it will not be worth it. You will hardly be making anything.

  • To comfortably make decent amounts of profits, you need $1,000 to start arbitrage betting.
  • The least amount of money you need to start arbitrage betting $500. Anything less than $500 will not be worth it.
  • That said if you have between $200 – $300, that is enough to start learning about arbitrage betting. So long as you pick a cheap arbitrage betting software.

If you are looking for a way to build up capital for arbitrage betting you might want to check out our Free academic writing course.

I started out writing online. Writing online allowed me to make the capital to start Arbitrage betting and this very blog you are reading.

How Arbitrage Bettors Move Money Around.


Still on the important subject of money.
When arbing you place bets on one sporting event in different bookmakers. One out of these several bets wins. Sooner rather than later you end up having all your money in one bookmaker. To continue arbing you need to redistribute your funds.
Redistributing is best done using an E-wallet.
Why? Bank transfer and card transfer take several days.
This is the time you would have used to place arbitrage bets and make more money.

  • The best e-wallet for arbitrage betting is Skrill
  • The other e-wallet worth considering is Neteller

Advantages of Skrill and Neteller

  • Both allow quick withdrawal and deposit of funds (within minutes) to and from bookmakers.
  • On top of that Skrill and Neteller transfers are free.

The Best Days to do Arbitrage Betting: Every day is not equal.

If you are a full-time arbitrage bettor then you will probably be arbing all the time.

However, for the majority of us, arbitrage betting is a side hustle.

  • To get the most bang for your cash, the best days to do arbitrage betting are Saturday and Sunday

Why Saturday and Sunday? A large number of sports are played on Saturday and Sunday. There are therefore lots of arbitrage betting opportunities.


The worst day for arbitrage betting is Monday. Even if you are a professional arbitrage bettor, you might want to take a break on Monday. There are very few games on Monday.

If you are a part-time Arbitrage Bettor then Betburger is the arbitrage betting software for you.

BetBurger is one of the few arbitrage betting software that allows you to make a daily subscription.

When I am busy, I subscribe to BetBurger only on Saturdays and Sundays. That helps me significantly lower the cost of arbitrage betting while making the most of my time

Best Bookmakers for Arbitrage Betting

Before you start arbing, there is one more decision you need to make.

Which bookies are you going to use for arbing?

Bookmakers fall into two categories; Sharp bookmakers and soft bookmakers.

  • Sharp bookmakers respond quickly to market conditions and emerging news. As such their odds are always accurate.
  • Soft bookmakers are less nimble and often follow sharp bookmakers. Their odds are hence slow to change.
  • Arbitrage bets are usually between sharp and soft bookmakers.
  • To become successful at arbitrage betting you need a mix of sharp and soft bookmakers.

The Best Sharp Bookmakers for Arbitrage betting: Pinnacle, 188bet, 12bet.

The Best Soft Bookmakers for Arbitrage betting: Williamhill, Bet365, 10bet.

More on how to pick bookmakers in our Best Bookmakers for Arbitrage Betting

Dealing with Bookmaker Verification.


Most of the bookies you are going to use for arbitrage betting are based in the United Kingdom.

By law, these bookmakers are required to collect information on their customers (KYC – Know Your Customer).

The intention is to limit frauds such as money laundering.

  • If you live in the UK / some other European country the verification happens automatically.

All you have to do is nothing. Your identity will be proven using your IP address and other browsing data.

  • If you live outside the UK you have to do the verification manually.

The manual verification process involves uploading your National Identification card/ Passport and proof of residence (a financial statement/ bill with your address).

Challenges with proof of residency:

If your financial statement has no address (i.e it has a P.O. Box address) it will probably be rejected. 

What to do: Open the document using word and add in the address. 

Proof of Residency documents I have used successfully:

Financial Statement (Mpesa statement after adding the address using Microsoft word.) & Internet bill (Zuku fiber)

Is Arbitrage Betting Legal

Is sports betting legal where you live? If it is legal then arbitrage betting is probably legal.

If sports betting is illegal where you live. Then arbitrage betting is probably illegal.

Think of arbitrage betting as intelligent betting.

Check out more on whether arbitrage betting is legal.

It is not Completely Risk-Free: Risks when Arbitrage Betting.

Although arbitrage betting is legal, most bookmakers don’t like it when you arb.


You are now a winner. Gambling is set up in a way that ensures you eventually lose your money.

The money you lose is profits to the bookmaker.

Main Risk: Limitation by bookmakers.

The biggest risk in arbitrage betting is, therefore, limitation by bookies.

Once bookies realize you are arbing they reduce the amount you can bet per game to a small amount that does not make sense (like 4 dollars).

Don’t worry though, you can avoid limitations.

How to avoid bookmaker Limitation

  • Place rounded stakes. Nothing will give you away faster than placing a bet with an amount that has decimal points.
  • Don’t withdraw money from bookies regularly. Each time you request a withdrawal your account is analyzed. To stay longer in the game, only withdraw when necessary.
  • Place bets on popular leagues (EPL, Bundesliga, etc.). Whenever possible place arbs on popular European soccer leagues.
  • Don’t bet on arbitrage bets with higher-than-normal profit percentages (over 10%). The bookie has probably made a mistake.

Other Risks when Arbitrage Betting

#1 Bet Cancellation.

After placing an arbitrage bet one side of the arb may get canceled.

If you are using a reputable bookmaker your bets will rarely be canceled.

The one instance where a reputable bookmaker will cancel your bet is if the bookie had made an error in displaying the odds. Such an error is called a palpable error. 

To avoid such cancellation be careful when placing arbitrage bets with a profit of more than 5%. If an arbitrage bet has a profit of 30%, it is probably an error.

How to Reduce Risk of Bet Cancelation: 

  • If one side of your bet is canceled cover the bet. Look for a bookie with the highest odds for the canceled side of the bet and place a bet. Remember you are trading, not gambling. Traders do everything within their power to reduce risk.

#2 Moving Odds

Moving odds refer to a situation where odds change before you place your bet. Moving odds is especially rampant in in-play bets.

How to Reduce Risk of Moving Odds: 

  • Avoid arbitrage bets where odds are moving too fast.
  • Practice arbing as fast as possible.
  • Often odds move but the arbitrage opportunity still exists. In such a case, recalculate your stake and place the bet.
  • If you have already placed a bet on one side and the odds move. Cover your bet as much as possible.
  • Experience, experience. Over time you will tell the bookies whose odds move rapidly. Start by placing bets on those bookies first. One such bookie is 188bet.

#3 Technical errors

Your computer may hang, you may have a power blackout.

How to Reduce Risk of Technical Errors: 

  • When such inevitable errors happen do everything within your power to cover your bet.

Compared to ordinary betting arbitrage betting risks are nothing. Also, note that with experience you will eliminate most of the above risks.

Important: Start small. Once you have experience dealing with the above risks increase your betting amount.


We have reached the end of our arbitrage betting guide.

You have learned a lot about arbitrage betting.

This information will only be useful if you act on it.

Purchase a Betburger subscription and start your arbitrage betting journey today.