Best Arbitrage Betting Software: (6 Categories 24 Arbitrage Betting Software)

Last Updated: July 8, 2023


Arbitrage betting is a risk-free type of gambling. In arbitrage betting, you take advantage of discrepancies in odds between different bookmakers and place bets on both sides of a match.

No matter the result of the match you make a profit.

More on Arbitrage betting in Our Definitive guide to Arbitrage Betting.

Finding Arbitrage bets

Finding arbitrage bets is the most important part of arbitrage betting. Find High-quality unique arbitrage bets and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Low profit, low-quality arbitrage bets will get your betting accounts limited. Good luck making decent money without the major bookmakers.

So how does one find arbitrage bets?

The inefficient way to find arbitrage bets is to manually hunt them down by comparing the odds across different bookmakers. Trust me you don’t want to do this.

The efficient way to find arbitrage bets (used by professionals who are serious about making money) is to use arbitrage betting software.

There are over 50 arbitrage betting software. In this article, we highlight 24 arb finding software that are worth your time.

Categorizing Arbitrage Betting Software

Different tools are made for different tasks. Arbitrage bet finders are tools. Like any other set of tools, different arbitrage betting software are best suited for different scenarios.

In this case, we have 6 different categories of arbitrage betting software for different needs and scenarios.

Categories of Arbitrage betting software

#1 Professional Arbitrage Betting Software.

#2 Beginner/ Budget Arbitrage Betting Software.

#3 Semi-Professional/ Mid-Range Arbitrage Betting Software.

#4 Upcoming/ Unproven Arbitrage Betting Software.

#5 Russian Arbitrage Betting Software.

#6 Free Arbitrage Betting Software.

#7 Bonus Category

Features of a Good Arbitrage betting Software.

Overall Goal:

  • The Ideal arbitrage betting software should have a large number of unique arbitrage bets.
  • The ideal arbitrage betting software should make the process of placing an arbitrage bet simple.

Features needed to attain Overall Goal:

  • The arbitrage betting software should scan a large number of sports (over 20) and a large number of bookmakers (over 50).
  • The subscription price of the arbitrage betting software should be fair. You should be able to make back the subscription price in profits easily.
  • The arbitrage betting app should support both pre-match arbitrage betting and live/in-play arbing.
  • The ideal arb finder should have a betting navigator. A betting navigator redirects you to the betting page making arbing fast and easy.
  • A betting accounting system is a must-have for any good arb finding software. A betting accounting system makes it easy to track money movement and correct arbing mistakes.

Professional Arbitrage Betting Software.

Professional arbitrage betting software are the best of the best arb finders. They have most of the features that make up the ideal arbitrage betting software.

They are fast.

They are what serious arbers use.

Professional arbitrage betting software, however, do not come cheap. They all cost over € 100 a month.

1. BetBurger

BetBurger Best_Overall_Professional_Arbitrage_Betting_Software

BetBurger is the best Overall arbitrage betting software.

BetBurger has every single feature you would expect to find in an arbitrage betting software.

To start with it is the cheapest professional arbitrage betting software. A monthly BetBurger subscription costs € 99.99.

BetBurger also has a daily subscription whose price starts from € 6.49 per day. If you only arb during the weekend, it will cost you € 52 / month (BetBurger is what I use).

Get BetBurger


  • Lots of pre-match arbitrage arbs.
  • Usable Live Arbitrage betting feature.
  • Value betting features with both pre-match and live value bets.
  • Betting Navigator that makes placing arbitrage bets a breeze.
  • The best Betting Accounting System of any Arbitrage betting software.
  • Comprehensive documentation on how to use the BetBurger arb finder.
  • Generous Account Freezing period.


  • Relatively new compared to Oddstorm and RebelBetting.
  • Relatively slower compared to Oddstorm and RebelBetting.
  • Cluttered User Interface.

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or Read the Full Review


RebelBetting Best Professional Arbitrage Betting Software

RebelBetting is the Best professional pre-match arbitrage betting software.

The RebelBetting team focuses on pre-match arbitrage betting. There are no live/ in-play arbs on RebelBetting.

The absence of live arbitrage betting aside, the RebelBetting platform is reliable and built to professional levels.

A RebelBetting Pro subscription costs € 129.

Get RebelBetting


  • The Best Prematch Arbitrage Betting Service of any Arbitrage Betting Software.
  • A prematch value betting Service that is second to the BetBurger Value Betting service.
  • A dedicated matched Betting system for the Bonus Hunters.
  • An advanced Betting Navigator that is impossible for Bookmakers to trace.
  • The most generous account freezing feature of any arbitrage betting software.
  • A user interface that cannot be made any better.


  • No live arbitrage betting feature
  • Arbitrage Betting service only available on windows.
  • The Betting Accounting System requires the use of an external excel file and manual updating of match results.

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or Read RebelBetting’s Full Review 

3. OddStorm


OddStorm is the best live arbitrage betting software.

OddStorm is all about Speed.

Inplay/live arbs are refreshed after every 1 – 3 seconds.

Prematch arbs are refreshed after every 15 seconds.

With OddStorm, missing an arbitrage bet is a thing of the past.

The high-speed refresh rate of OddStorm does not come cheap. OddStorm pricing starts at € 155/ month.

Like in the case of BetBurger, OddStorm has a daily subscription. The daily subscriptions start at €7. If your arb during the weekends you will pay a total of 8 daily subscriptions for a total cost of € 56.

Pick the Right OddStorm Subscription for You


  • Lightning Speed live Arbitrage Betting.
  • Unique Pre-match arbitrage bets.
  • A betting Navigator that does more than you will ever need.
  • Lots of advanced arbitrage bet types (Middles & polish middles).
  • A usable user interface.
  • A web app for cross-compatibility.


  • Value Betting Feature is Absent
  • No Account Freezing.
  • No Betting Accounting system.

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or Read the Full OddStorm Review

Pick a Professional Arbitrage Betting software if:

  • You have a significant amount of money to invest into arbitrage betting (preferably above $ 2,500).
  • You already have some experience with arbitrage betting.
  • You want the best of the best arbitrage betting software.

Beginner / Budget Arbitrage Betting Software

Beginner / Budget arbitrage betting software are the cheapest arb finding software.

Compromises have to be made to get the price down. As such budget arbitrage betting software lack features that are otherwise standard in professional arbitrage betting sites.


ArbMate Best Budget/Beginner Arbitrage Betting Software, Best inplay budget/ beginner arbitrage betting software

ArbMate is the best Overall budget/ beginner arbitrage betting software.

Arbmate is also the best budget/beginner arbitrage betting software for in-play/ live arbing.

Arbmate is a feature-packed budget arbitrage betting software owned and run by OddStorm. It costs a total of 19€/ month.

The Arbmate compromise:  The low Arbmate price comes at a cost. When you pay for an Arbmate subscription you get access to three default bookmakers (Pinnacle, Bet365, and Bwin). You have to pay an extra 8€/month/bookmaker to get access to additional bookmakers.

I often find myself having to add 2 bookmakers (William Hill and Unibet) bringing the total monthly cost is 27€.

Arbmate is ideal for live arbitrage betting because it has a betting navigator and a fast live arb refresh rate.

Arbmate is the best overall beginner/ budget arbitrage betting software because apart from the limitation on the number of bookmakers, all the other bookmakers are available.

Get ArbMate


  • Low Pricing (Second cheapest after BreakingBet)
  • Owned and Operated by a reputable and experienced arbitrage betting company (OddStorm)
  • Decent Pre-match arbing feature
  • Usable live arbitrage feature (fast)
  • Functional arbitrage betting calculator
  • Reliable Betting Navigator.
  • Well thought out User Interface.
  • Advanced arbitrage bets (middles and polish middles) present.


  • No Betting Accounting System.
  • Value Bet Feature Absent.
  • Limited Account Freezing Capabilities.
  • Limited default bookmakers. You will have to pay for at least two additional bookmakers.

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Read the Full Arbmate Review


BreakingBet Best Budget/ Beginner Arbitrage Betting Software

BreakingBet is the best Prematch budget/ beginner arbitrage betting software.

BreakingBet is also the cheapest arbitrage betting software.

BreakingBet is a barebones arbitrage betting site with a large number of arbitrage bets. BreakingBet will only cost you a mere 11.99€ / month for prematch arbs.

The absence of a betting navigator and a live arb feature that is unstable makes BreakingBet a poor choice for live/ in-play arbitrage betting.

Get a BreakingBet Subscription


  • Low price (Cheapest Arbitrage Betting Software)
  • Lots of Pre-match Arbitrage Bets.
  • Value Betting is Free.
  • A Decent Betting Accounting Feature
  • 30 days Account Freezing
  • A Functional Arbitrage Betting Calculator


  • Live Arbing Feature is still in Trial.
  • No Betting Navigator. You have to Manually look for Bets.
  • No Advanced arb types (Middles and Polish bets).
  • User Interface can be made Better.

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or Read  the Full BreakingBet Review 

Semi-Professional / Mid-Range Arbitrage Betting Software

Semi-professional arbitrage betting software are arb finders that are not good enough to be professional yet they cost more than the budget arbitrage betting apps.

In theory, mid-Range arbitrage betting software are supposed to be better than beginner arbitrage betting sites.

In our testing, we found the difference between mid-Range and beginner arb finders to be negligible.

You are better off sticking with budget arbitrage betting sites for as long as possible and then upgrading straight to professional arbitrage betting software.



BetSlayer is the best semi-pro arbitrage betting software.

BetSlayer has the most important features expected of an arbitrage betting software.

The one feature you can’t help but wish BetSlayer had is the live arbitrage betting feature.

BetSlayer costs € 49/ month. That is less than the over € 100 / month that professional software costs and more than the € 19 / month that beginner arbitrage betting software costs.

Get BetSlayer


  • The right pricing for a semipro/ mid-range arbitrage betting software (At € 49/ month it is more expensive than Budget software and cheaper than pro software).
  • Plenty of Pre-match arbitrage bets despite supporting few bookmakers.
  • Easy to use Betting Navigator.
  • A half-decent accounting system (profit tracker).
  • An Intuitive user interface that is easy to use.
  • A simple to use integrated arbitrage betting calculator.


  • Supports a limited number of bookmakers.
  • Bookmakers can easily track Betslayer’s Navigation feature.
  • The accounting system does not track money movement between bookmakers.
  • Live arbitrage betting feature is absent.
  • No value betting feature.
  • No advanced arbitrage bet types (Middles and Polish middles.)
  • Account freezing feature is absent.

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or Read the Full BetSlayer Review 


BeOnValue_semiPro arbitrage Betting Software

BetOnValue is the other semi-pro/ mid-range arbitrage betting software.

BetOnValue is more of a value betting software rather than an arbitrage betting software. When it comes to arbitrage betting BetOnValue is a poorer software compared to BetSlayer.

For starters:

BetOnValue has a confusing pricing plan. They have a silver subscription that costs €50/ month that has a 3-minute delay (The one to have). The gold subscription costs € 125/ month and has no delay (For this price range you are better off subscribing to Professional arbitrage betting software).

Get BetOnValue


  • A large Number of Prematch Arbs from 93 bookmakers and 12 sports.
  • High-quality value betting feature with free odd comparison.
  • Betting accounting system with a social aspect (Do accounting with your friends).
  • Simple to use user interface.


  • Complicated pricing with the best option(silver) having a three-minute delay.
  • More expensive than BetSlayer (silver) and professional arbitrage betting software (gold).
  • No in-play/live arbitrage bets.
  • Betting Navigator absent.
  • No account freezing.

Visit BetOnValue

or Read the Full BetOnValue Review

Upcoming/ Unproven Arbitrage Betting Software

The unproven category of arbitrage betting apps is made up of new arbitrage betting software. Most of these arb finders are unproven since they have been around for a short time.

Some of the software in this category have the potential to become big.

The majority will probably burn and crush in a few years.

Warning: Do due diligence before paying for software in this category.


An upcoming arbitrage betting Software with the potential to be big.

The overall quality of the arbitrage betting website is good.

The price is low. For € 25.90/ month you get access to the value betting and arbitrage betting software.

If you are feeling adventurous trying out Surebet is not such a bad idea.

9.House of Arbs

On the surface, the design of the website looks good. 

Dig deeper and you realize parts of the website are down (Red Flag). 

As of now House of Arbs, not worth your time.

Russian Arbitrage Betting Software

Russians are known for their mathematical prowess and insane computer hacking skills.

It should therefore not surprise you that there are lots of Russian Arbitrage betting apps.

I have to say, I was surprised by how good some of these Russian Apps are.


A no-nonsense bare-bones Russian arbitrage betting software.

PositiveBet is the best Russian Arbitrage betting software.

What makes PositiveBet the best:

  • It has been around since 2013 (Proven).
  • It has an English version. Most of the other Russian arb finders are in Russian only.
  • Not used by many people. Use PositiveBet and chances are your arbs will be unique. Unique arbs reduce the chances of your accounts being limited by bookies.

If you love Russian products (I am talking to you Russian Vodka lovers), You will love PositiveBet.

Get PositiveBet


BetSpan is an arbitrage betting software strictly for Russians.

The arbitrage betting website is only available in Russian.

They support all the major Russian bookmakers.

If you are from Russia this is your arb Finder.


The Russian Version of BetBurger.

BetBurger is the Best Overall Arbitrage betting software.

Curious about BetBurger?

Visit the BetBurger Website or Read our full Review on BetBurger


A relatively new Russian arbitrage betting software.

Betringer’s arbitrage betting website looks like it was designed in a hurry.

Overall BetRinger looks sketchy.


Another Russian-only arbitrage betting software.

Worth checking out if you live in Russia.

Free Arbitrage Betting Software

Let’s say you want to try out arbitrage betting without paying for an arbitrage betting software upfront.

You have several options:

  • Use the free versions of the paid arbitrage betting software. Problem is, the free arbs usually have limited profits (1%).
  • Use odds comparison sites like OddsPortal. Problem is, the number of arbitrage bets is limited.
  • Use free arbitrage betting software. The perfect solution. No limitations on profits or number of arbs.

The Free version of BetSlayer is the most generous (5%).

Link to OddsPortal.

A Warning on Free Arbitrage Betting Software.

Free arbitrage bets are available to anyone. As a result, a large number of people place the same free arbitrage bets.

Placing free arbitrage bets makes it easy for bookies to identify you as an arber. Your betting account will be limited fast. More on how to avoid account limiting in our Arbitrage betting guide.

Free arb finding software are not well designed. The quality of arbs is poor and the arbing experience is pathetic.


A free arbitrage betting software with surprisingly high-quality arbs.

The arbs available are pre-match arbitrage bets.

Considering the quality of arbs, MySureBets is likely to become paid soon.


Another decent free arbitrage betting software.

Apart from the arbitrage betting feature, BMBets also has an odds comparison feature.

BMBets also scans a large number of sports.

Definitely worth checking out.


A Free Russian arbitrage betting software.

If you are from Russia, or you know Russian, it Scan-Sport may be worth checking out.


OddsPortal is not really an arbitrage betting software. It is an odds comparison tool.

You will find a few low-profit arbitrage bets on OddsPortal.


OddsPredator is an odds comparison tool like OddsPortal.

It has a limited number of arbitrage bets.


WetPortal is another odds comparison tool.
It has a limited number of arbitrage bets.

Bonus Arbitrage Betting Software

The software in this section are not really arbitrage betting software.

They are instead apps that put a unique spin on the concept of arbitrage betting.


MathBetting is an interesting piece of software made for Betfair trading.

Betfair is the leading betting exchange.

MathBetting allows you to place bets on Betfair at the specific odds that you desire.

Mercurius will use AI to automatically execute Betfair Trades for you.

They take 30% of the profit.

You need a significant amount of money to get started.


They collect odds from different bookmakers and sell them to owners of arbitrage betting software.

If you want to Start your own arbitrage betting software or you want to build an arbitrage betting bot. You might want to check out TXOdds.

Cryptocurrency has been all the rage recently. If you are into crypto you will love ArbitragePro.

ArbitragePro is an Arbitrage betting software for cryptocurrency.


Now that you have found the perfect Arbitrage betting software for you, it is time to make the big money. Right?

Not so fast!!

You are missing one thing.

An overall picture of what arbitrage betting is all about.

Read our definitive guide to arbitrage betting to learn everything you need to know about arbitrage betting.

Happy Arbing!